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Green Initiatives
Conservation at Work  
Paramount employees have committed to a long list of new habits like recycling paper in each office, collecting cans and plastic, turning off lights when they are not in use, and carpooling to work and events.  Paramount is in the process of reducing paper use as much as possible.  With online ordering, online signage approval, and the implementation of a high speed scanner Paramount has reduced our paper usage by 35%
    Office Recycling
  • Paper
  • Cans and plastic materials
  • Batteries
  • Cell phones
  • Computers
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Printers
  • Toner cartridges
In addition, Paramount has made several modifications to its building, from providing space heaters with fans in offices to installing enormous fans in the warehouse for better air circulation.  We also close off over half the warehouse in the winter and utilize the outside docks in order to use less energy inside. 
Proactive Purchasing Practices
In addition to recycling what we use, our purchasing department seeks out vendors and suppliers who provide recycled, remanufactured, non-toxic or biodegradable office and building supplies.
Paramount will re-use quality signs and banners from events on future events.  Paramount utilizes all of our damaged, unusable boards as packing/shipping material for our tradeshow event items.
Paramount uses Sintra re-usable archival board for mounting many of our booth graphics.  If part of the board becomes damaged, we cut the board down and re-use it for smaller graphical needs.

The board is also used to make fabric wall panels which are used as decoration for mounting graphics, or coverings for cabinets or doors.  We do our best to use and re-use Sintra, thus reducing waste.

School Re-Use Programs
In addition to our larger recycling programs, Paramount also has a program that makes substrate materials available at no cost to schools in the St. Louis area for art and shop projects.

Fuel Efficient Fleet
Paramount maintains a fleet of late-model vehicles, mindful of the greater fuel efficiency and conservation it provides.  In addition, while complying with the local facility operating codes for vehicles nationwide, Paramount is able to fuel 90% of the forklifts and other show site vehicles with LP natural gas (propane) as opposed to gasoline. 
Promoting Paper-Free
By aggressively promoting and enhancing our online ordering options, Paramount has reduced the number of exhibitor service kits printed each year.  Last year, 75% of show managers selected a web-only version.  We now offer all show kits in PDF form as a standard practice and the demand for paper show kits is down significantly.
Modular Elements
Temporary and rental structures from the Paramount Modular System (HMS) are comprised of AGAM recycled aluminum elements and eco-friendly substrates.  Each is recycled in turn at the end of its useful life.
Wastepaper Baskets
We offer a wide variety of ‘green’ options for your event needs.  Cardboard wastepaper baskets and biodegradable wastepaper liners have replaced plastic ones.
Paramount’s events require a lot of carpet.  That could amount to millions of yards being unnecessarily wasted.  Our quality aisle carpet is thoroughly cleaned, sized, and re-used for booth stock.  Once carpet has been downgraded to below event quality, it will be recycled and used as shipping crate liner.

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