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1. When do advance rates and floor rates apply?
Advance rates apply to all furnishings and services ordered prior to the Advance Order Deadline date noted in your Exhibitor Service Kit. All furnishings or services ordered after the deadline are charged at the floor rate.

2. What are acceptable forms of payment?
Acceptable forms of payment are Cash, Check, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Cashier's Checks and Traveler Checks.

3. Do I need to pay tax on any items?
When tax is applicable, the tax rate will be noted on the Service Order Form Page and noted in the Exhibitor Show Information Sheet.

4. Since I am not from the state the show is being held in, do I still need to pay tax?
Tax is applicable to all exhibitors, regardless of their residence.

5. Are prices of items daily or for the duration of the show?
All rental prices listed are for the duration of the show and include delivery and removal.

6. Do I have to pay in advance for services or can I bring a check to the show?
Full payment must be received for services requested before the order will be
processed. If you choose to pay by check, a credit card must still be on file.

7. Can I still get advanced prices if I fax a credit card authorization form over before the show but after the advance deadline date?
To receive Advance Prices, order must be received in full (with payment) before the Advance Order Deadline date. If the credit card authorization is not submitted with the order forms, the order is not full and will not be processed until all pages are included.

8. Is a purchase order an acceptable form of payment?
No, Paramount Convention Services, Inc. does not accept Purchase Orders as a form of payment.

9. What if I overestimated freight handling charges or cancel items and are due a refund from earlier payment?
If the exhibitor over estimates and a refund is required, the refund will be processed after the close of the show.

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1. What furnishings come with my booth?
Each tradeshow is different. Look on the Exhibitor Show Information Sheet under Booth Equipment, which will specifically list what items, if any, are included in the booth space.

2. Can I order at show site?
Yes, floor orders are accepted at show site. Remember that payment must be received before any furnishings or services will be rendered. Also, choice of items or colors may be limited on site.

3. What if certain items I ordered are not in my booth when I get there?
All items ordered in Advance of the show should be in your booth space, at the beginning of exhibitor move-in with the exception of chairs and wastebaskets. These items have a tendency to "grow legs" and are not dispersed until close to show time. If other furnishings (carpet, tables) are not in your booth at the time of your arrival, please go to the Paramount Service Desk and the problem will be resolved immediately.

4. What is the cancellation policy?
Items cancelled will be charged 50% of original price after installation begins and 100% of original price after delivery.

5. What type of chairs do you rent?
Arm Chairs, Side Chairs, High Stools, Secretarial Chairs

6. Do I need drape on my table?
It is not required to have drape on the tables; Paramount provides both draped and un-draped tables.

7. Can I bring my own drape?
If you have drape or a tablecloth it is acceptable to bring your own.

8. What is a table top riser?
A tiered shelf for displaying product.

9. What size are literature racks and how many pockets do they have?
Literature racks are 36" tall and have five literature pockets on one side.

10. Do I need to order back drape and side drape?
Each booth space is provided with 8' back and 3' side drape. Only Island booths are not provided any drape, and that must be rented separately by the exhibitor.

11. Can I exchange any free table for another size and/or color table?
No, any package Item provided by the Association cannot be exchanged.

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1. Do I need to order carpet?
Each show is different, it will be noted in the Exhibitor Service Kit if carpet is required or not.

2. What size carpet should I order for my booth?
The carpet should match the size of your booth. Traditionally, carpet is cut in 9' rolls, so carpet sizes come in 9'x10', 9'x20', etc. increments. This carpet will accommodate a 10'x10' booth fine. If you feel that you want carpet to cover your entire booth space, Paramount provides special carpet sizes that are individually cut to match the size you request.

3. What is the difference between Standard Carpet and Deluxe Carpet?
Standard Carpet has a tighter fit, which is less expensive and only comes in standard colors. Deluxe Carpet has a thicker pile and is special ordered from a more broad choice of colors and is more costly.

4. If I have an Island booth, can I order the standard carpet in 9' cuts?
No, you must order area carpet.

5. Do I have to order labor to install the carpet I order?
Labor is included in the rental price of the carpet.

6. Can I bring my own carpet?
Yes, you may bring your own carpet. Please check to ensure that labor is not required for the installation. Different cities have different rules and this will be noted in the service kit.

7. What is visqueen and do I need it?
Visqueen is a plastic covering for the carpet to protect it from tire marks or general abuse during set up. It is not required.

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1. Do I need to order labor for my booth?
Labor rules vary by city. Please review the rules page in the service kit.

2. What are the differences/advantages in Paramount or Exhibitor supervised labor?
Exhibitor Labor allows the exhibitor to supervise the labor of their booth, but you must be present. With Paramount supervision, we provide a foreman to supervise the labor of the booth. It will be done at Paramount's convenience but finished prior to schedule show time.

3. What if I ordered labor and no workers are in my booth at the time I indicated on my order form?
If you order labor, the labor men must be checked out at the Service Desk at the scheduled time. If you are late, penalties do apply to ensure the starting and stopping times.  Labor is only guaranteed at the start of move in each day.

4. Can Paramount set up my booth at other trade shows I participate in?
Yes, please talk to a Paramount salesperson for details.

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1. Should I ship to the advance warehouse or directly to show site?
If your freight is ready now, shipping to the Advance Warehouse is suggested. By shipping to the Advance Warehouse you are able to track and ensure that your freight has been received, with time to double-check. Also, it will be in place when you arrive for set-up. If your freight is sent directly to show site, your delivery time is controlled by the carrier.

2. Can I use UPS, FedEx, or Airborne to pick up my shipment at the close of the show?
It is suggested that you use the house Carrier, ABF Freight Systems. If you choose to use FedEx, UPS, Airborne or any other carrier, it is your responsibility to contact them to schedule a pick up at the close of the show.

3. Can I carry in my own freight and/or use the dock area for unloading?
Depending upon the Host City of the tradeshow, you may be able to hand carry your materials in. Please review the rules page in the service kit.

4. What are material handling/drayage charges for? Do I get charged again to ship out?
Material Handling fees are charged for the receiving, storing and reloading of materials to and from the booth space before and after the show. This is a one-time fee per shipment received, regardless of the move in or move out.

5. Why was I charged the overtime rate if I shipped to the advance warehouse?
If any of the move-in times are on Overtime, the standard rate will reflect an overtime charge.

6. If I ship to show site, when can it arrive?
When shipping to Show site, your freight may only arrive during the scheduled times of exhibitor move in.

7. If I ship to advance warehouse, when can it arrive?
When shipping to the Advance Warehouse, your freight may arrive up to 30 days prior to the show dates.

8. Should I label my shipment a certain way when shipping?
Yes, you should label your shipments as indicated on the Shipping Information page.

9. How do you charge for material handling and how can I minimize costs?
Material Handling charges are incurred with each individual shipment. To minimize the cost, crate all materials into one shipment by using a pallet.

10. What if I cannot ship by the advance shipping deadline?
If you are certain you will miss the advance shipping deadline, you can ship materials to the show site on the day of move in or you can also ship to the warehouse, but a penalty will be charged.

11. How does my shipment get to my booth from the advance warehouse?
All freight housed at the Warehouse will be moved to your booth space before the exhibitor move in time by Paramount.

12. What if my shipment is not in my booth when I get there?
Track your shipment with your tracking or pro number. When you attain its whereabouts, go to the Service Desk to seek assistance.

13. What are my choices for shipping out at the close of the show?
You may use any carrier you choose, we suggest ABF Freight Systems. It is your responsibility to contact and make all arrangements for any carrier other than ABF Freight Systems.

14. What all do I need to do to ensure proper shipping after the show?
After ensuring your account is paid, complete an out bound bill of lading at the Service Desk with the correct information and label your pieces.  Turn in bill of lading to the Service Desk when departing.

15. What are special handling charges for?
Special Handling charges are applied when your freight comes to us in loose pieces (not shrink wrapped or crated), or special requirements are needed.

16. What is the difference between crated and uncrated shipments?
Crated shipments are materials that are shrink wrapped or banded together on a pallet to make freight handling fast and easy. Uncrated shipments are individual pieces that come in a number of different pieces under one pro number.

17. Why was I charged so many different times when I shipped all my pieces at one time?
Many air carriers will split your loose shipments and deliver them at different times, even if they were all picked up together. If your freight arrives at several different times, you will be charged per shipment.

18. What freight carriers can I use?
Any carrier of your choice. (i.e. ABF, Yellow Freight, United Van Lines, Airways, etc.) However, all carriers except ABF (show carrier) are your responsibility to make arrangements with.

19. What is a POV?
POV stands for Personal Owned Vehicle. When freight is brought in a personal owned vehicle Material Handling fees are charged differently. Please see your service kits for details.

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Forklift/Special Equipment/Sign Hanging
1. Do I need to order a forklift to take my shipment from the dock to my booth?
No, the material handling charge includes the unloading of your shipment to your booth.

2. When would I need to order a forklift?
After your freight has been unloaded into your booth, if you need additional placing or setting of your display.

3. What are the charges for a forklift?
The charges for a forklift vary from city to city. There is a one hour minimum charge for each usage. See Material Handling Page for costs.

4. What do I need to do to have a sign hung at show site and what are the charges?
You need to fill out the hanging sign form and return it with your other orders to Paramount. We like to have your banner at show site during Paramount set up period so that we can get it hung before the hall gets congested.

5. What if I have special needs for machinery or equipment to be moved to my booth?
Call ahead of time and talk to the coordinator handling the show so that we can make special arrangements.

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1. How will my booth ID sign read?
Your booth ID sign will have your company name and booth number on it. The name is based on how you registered with the Association.

2. Can I make special requests to my ID sign?
You would need to make the Association aware of how you would like your name to read.

3. Can I get another sign made for my booth?
You can order additional signage off the sign service order form. If you request any special logos or color schemes you need to send that to us ahead of time so that we may quote you a price.

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1. Does my floral order include delivery?
Yes, your rental price does include delivery/pickup charge.

2. What if my floral is not in my booth when I arrive?
If your floral is not in your booth when you arrive please take a moment to come to the service desk just to verify your order. To ensure freshness, floral orders usually arrive two to three hours before the opening of the show.

3. Can I take the plants I ordered home after the close of the show?
The only plants that you may take after the show are mums and cut floral arrangements.

4. What if I want to order specific plants or flowers not listed on your form?
Please just take a moment and give us a call ahead of time to see if we can fill
your special request.

5. Can I order floral at show site?
Yes, you may order floral at show-site however we can not always guarantee delivery. It will be at floor prices. Please talk to our 
onsite service representative.

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1. Does electric come with my booth?
Each show varies. Please read the show information Page in the service kit.

2. Do I order electric through Paramount?
At some of the facilities Paramount does handle the electric. Our form will be included in the service kit for those facilities. If we do not handle the electric the electrical form from that facility will be included in the kit.

3. Do I order Telephone/Internet/Audio Visual through Paramount?
We do not handle Telephone/Internet/Audio Visual services. However, these forms will be included by the appropriate vendor in our service kit.

4. Can I include payment for these items to Paramount?
All payment for those services get sent directly to the company handling that service.

5. Are the advance deadlines for these services the same as Paramount's.
Most of the time the deadline dates are different than ours. Please read the forms carefully.

6. Who do I contact if I have questions regarding these forms?
The company handling those services.

7. Can I order these services on show site?
Most of the time you may order those services at show site, but you will pay higher rates. It is suggested that these services are ordered in advance.

8. Can I use a different company than the companies indicated in the service kit?
No, you must use the services of the in house vendor.

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1. What if I don't know my booth number?
Just make a courtesy call to the Association and they can give it to you right over the phone.

2. What if I cannot make my designated time to move-in or move-out?
During move-in if you are unable to make it during the time allowed please contact the Association to setup another time for you to move-in. During move-out you must tear down during the allotted time. The facility requires us to vacate the building in a timely manner so you must move out during the scheduled time.

3. Do you have other rental units other than the ones listed on your form?
We can customize a rental unit for you. Please give our service representative a call for more details.

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